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Daphna Edwards Ziman, Founder and Chairperson, created Children Uniting Nations to elevate child welfare to the forefront of the world's consciousness.

Our Founder Daphna Edwards Ziman

Daphna Edwards Ziman, Founder and Chairperson, created Children Uniting Nations to elevate child welfare to the forefront of the world's consciousness. She has committed herself to challenging and changing the injustices that plague our society in many ways, focusing particularly on the needs of children. Children Uniting Nations is a platform to provide the children of the world with a voice to discuss the threats and dangers of tomorrow's problems. These problems include foster care, the abuse and pollution of the world's environment, the justice system as it relates to the rights of the child, hunger and other concerns that will affect the future of our world.

Daphna Ziman currently serves on the Board of Trustees of Children’s Institute International, which specializes in the treatment and prevention of child abuse and neglect and is Chairperson of ABC LOVE (Adoption Brings Children Love), which is committed to finding and placing children in caring and loving families. With equal tenacity she is on the board of HIPPY (Home Instruction for Parents of Pre-School Youngsters), as well as, The Unusual Suspects Theatre Company, which brings theatre arts to at-risk and disadvantaged youth in Los Angeles, California. Daphna Ziman serves on the Woman’s Leadership Board of Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government and is on the California Council for the Humanities, which strives to enrich California’s cultural life and strengthen communities through public use of the humanities. She also supports City of Hope on behalf of free medical care for the underprivileged or any human being suffering from an incurable disease. Her passion to make lives of individuals better does not end with children, but extends to the homeless through her work with Planet Hope.

Daphna Ziman's passion and commitment to children knows no bounds. Perhaps her most important achievement has been in succeeding to change the law in regards to the fate of abused children. During repeated visits to homeless shelters she became aware of the many abused children who were sent back to their abusive parents when suitable foster parents were interested in their care. This was due to the Family Preservation Act installed to maintain the unity of the family. According to Daphna, "…part of the law includes a reunification clause, which allows biological parents to be reunited with their own abused children, even if they were severely and permanently abused…". Daphna Ziman went to Washington D.C. and lobbied to change the law that would permit parents to reunite with their children, "as long as it’s in the best interests of the child," which has resulted in dramatically increased protection for abused children. Despite all of the time she devotes to the needs of those less fortunate, she still manages to be president of an Independent Film and Television Production Company, Edwards Entertainment International, where she wears the three hats of Writer, Producer and Director. Her latest film, Footsteps screened on Showtime.

Awards and Honors:

Daphna Ziman's dedication to the children of the world has been recognized with numerous awards.  She has been honored to receive the Jacqueline Kennedy Award by JFK University, the Women Achievement Award by North American Council for Adoptable Children, and the Lifetime Achievement Award for Children Advocacy.  Additionally, Daphna Ziman has been awarded the following:

  • 1999 Peace & Tolerance Lifetime Achievement Award for Child Advocacy at the 'International Day for Tolerance Lifetime Achievement Awards'. (Sponsored by The DeCapo Foundation, Friends of the United Nations and Children Uniting Nations).
  • 2002 Spirit of Compassion Award presented by the Aviva Family and Children Services.
  • 2003 Women of the Accomplishment Award
  • 2003 John F. Kennedy Profiles in Courage Award (Los Angeles Democratic Party)
  • 2006 Spirit of Life Award (City of Hope - Los Angeles) for her outstanding support and charitable efforts.
  • 2007 Blue Skies Award (Penny Lane Center), for her support of foster care, mentoring, education, and dedication to improving the lives of at-risk children.

Making an Impact:

  • May 1999: On behalf of Children Uniting Nations, Daphna Ziman accompanied a delegation on a humanitarian mission to help Kosovo refugees. She and the group brought food and medical supplies to the refugees and airlifted mothers and children from the camps in Albania and Hungary to absorption centers in Israel.
  • January 2002: First Ladies and Representatives from around the country congregated in Los Angeles at the Mayors’ Official Home, The Getty House, for a symposium dedicated to ending Childhood Hunger in America. Larry King moderated the Symposium in an effort to streamline the process of preparing three meals a day in schools, in poverty-stricken areas throughout the United States.
  • Day of the Child: In collaboration with the Entertainment Industry Foundation and the End Hunger Network, every November Children Uniting Nations hosts thousands of disenfranchised foster care children for a fun-filled day with caring mentors from the community. During this event, individuals are invited to mentor a child for the day; children benefit from a day of rides, food and companionship and leave with a gift bag filled with toys, clothes and toiletries.
  • Ongoing Events and Activities: Children Uniting Nations hosts opportunities throughout the year to interact with these special children that need extra support from our caring community. The annual Dodger Day Event is a favorite to bridge thousand of volunteers and children at Dodger Stadium for a fun-filled day of baseball and treats.  The Award Viewing Dinner and After Party bring out Los Angeles’ finest in support of Children Uniting Nations programs and honor key contributors in the community.  The Community-Based and Academic-Based Mentor Programs offer year-round hands-on activity fostering one-on-one bonds to cultivate children in a well-rounded experience.

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