Become a Mentor

Become a MentorBeing a mentor affords you the opportunity to give back to the community in a very substantial way. By giving some of your time, you can inspire a youth to reach his or her full potential. Children Uniting Nations provides various opportunities to get involved depending on the time you are able to commit. Our School Based Program is geared towards volunteers who would like to participate primarily on a weekly basis while our Life Skills Mentoring Program is for those who would like to spend time outside of the classroom environment for longer but less frequent amounts of time. Both programs offer one-time occasions to volunteer as well. So do our mega events.

“I think it was good for [my mentee] to have someone to talk to yesterday. She really opened up to me, which was very exciting. We just talked about everyday things, but her attitude seemed more like she wanted to be there with me and she enjoyed the time, rather than just doing it to get out of class, or just for something to do. I think she benefits just because she had a chance to talk to someone who would listen.” – Mentor

Community Based Mentoring

School Based Mentoring requires a minimum commitment of one (1) year and two (2) days per month building a strong, healthy bond. Activities include one-on-one outings in the community designed by you and your mentee as well as group activities and events provided by Children Uniting Nations.

School Based Mentoring

School Based Mentoring require a minimum commitment of one (1) academic year providing one-four (1-4) hours per week. Mentoring includes on-site activities designed to boost a child’s academic achievement through tutoring and educational games, and occasional offsite bonding activities.

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Training & Information Sessions:

Children Uniting Nations is dedicated to our mentors and ensures all participants will be comfortable and fully prepared for their mentoring relationships. We offer training and informational sessions several times a month that will give you in-depth guidance into what are programs are all about, what you can expect, and a broader picture of the impact you will have on your mentee. You will have the chance to identify what type of program best suits you and learn about our one-time volunteer opportunities. Our sessions will also give mentors and potential mentors to interact and create a bond as they get started in our various programs.

Training & Information Sessions Are Available!! Upcoming Dates: July schedule coming Contact our office to sign up at (323) 452-4962 today!